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There were also no fishing boats around for rescues, or other ships to help," Lee said. Experts have suggested many more people might have escaped if they had moved to reach evacuation points before the ship listed sharply and water started flooding in. Lee also confirmed he was not the helm when the ship ran into trouble, and was returning to the bridge from his cabin.

The hundreds of relatives camped out in a gymnasium on Jindo island near the scene of the disaster -- most of the them parents of high school students -- have sharply criticised the pace of the rescue operation, accusing officials of incompetence and indifference. Only were rescued when the ferry sank and no new survivors have been found since Wednesday.

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Nam Sung-Won, whose year-old nephew was among the missing, said the clock was fast running down on the hope that some may have survived. Many people here believe this is the last possible day for finding trapped passengers alive.

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The unfolding tragedy was compounded by the apparent suicide Friday of the students' high school vice principal, Kang Min-Kyu, who was seemingly overcome by guilt at having survived the sinking. Kang, 52, was found hanging from a tree near the Jindo gymnasium. Local media said he had left a note, saying: "Surviving alone is too painful I take full responsibility. Initial questioning of the captain has focused on what actually caused the ferry to sink. Some experts believe a tight turn could have dislodged the heavy cargo manifest -- including more than vehicles -- and destabilised the vessel, causing it to list heavily and then capsize.

Chief prosecutor Lee Seong-Yoon stressed there was "no limit" to the range of the investigation. Three giant, floating cranes are now at the rescue site, but coastguard officials stressed they would not begin lifting the multi-deck ferry until they were sure there were no survivors inside. Japan investment in Southeast Asia surges amid China slump. A businessman walks in Tokyo's business district April 18, Japanese companies invested 2.

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Investments doubled in Southeast Asia and fell 18 percent in China over and China's waning attraction is likely to continue as the ratio of companies planning expansion there fell to a record low of below 55 percent, JETRO said, citing a survey of Japanese companies. Sino-Japanese ties have been strained by a territorial row over tiny disputed isles in the East China Sea and perceptions in Beijing that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to rewrite Japan's wartime history and tone down past apologies.

The fall off in Chinese investment follows the outbreak of riots against Japanese interests in when the territorial dispute escalated after the Japanese government bought the uninhabited islands in the East China Sea. Rising wages in China are also having an impact on companies trying to keep costs down and maximize profits. The Philippines and Indonesian labor costs are about one third lower than China's, while those in Vietnam are less than half, the survey showed. Drought, heat and dry weather caused by climate change has dramatically increased the number of wildfires in the U.

The number of sizable wildfires increased by a rate of seven fires a year to Massive, destructive wildfires have increased over the past 3o years in the western United States due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, an new study shows, and could get worse over the coming decades.

The number of sizable wildfires increased by a rate of seven fires a year to , according to the study published this week in Geophysical Research Letters. The total area damaged by fire increased at a rate of nearly 90, acres per year. This year could be a disastrous year for wildfires after long months of terrible drought in California, which saw wildfires in the normally quiet month of January. China eavesdropping on Phl maritime activities? The military, however, said countermeasures has been implemented to address this concern. They declined to give details, citing security issues.

Earlier intelligence reports showed Beijing is installing additional powerful radars on its already-fortified advanced naval station on Panganiban Mischief Reef, an area it illegally occupied in , in line with its plan to have total dominance of the entire region by year Chinese vessels deployed in the region — missile-firing frigates, troop transport vessels and surveillance ships — are now using Panganiban Reef as their forward and supply base.

Aside from several radar domes, windmills power the Chinese naval posts. One military communication expert also revealed that aside from conducting massive maritime monitoring to determine offshore and onshore activities of Wescom, the Chinese are also eavesdropping on telephone communications of senior military officials directly involved in maritime security in the region.

The Chinese have since deployed, on a regular basis, its surveillance ships around the shoal. She traveled on business class. Sources said she would be testifying against her former boss. Headlines Article MRec , pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Reyes is one of the more than 30 individuals indicted on plunder and graft charges last April 1 in connection with the alleged embezzling of some P10 billion worth of Priority Development Assistance Fund PDAF , the official name of the congressional pork barrel.

Grace Poe said she expects Reyes to reveal everything that she knows about the pork barrel scam issue. A battle with Enrile is not something you can take lightly. She said she could not say if the development would be good or bad for the case, but she doubted if Reyes would testify against Enrile. Tuason was social secretary of Mayor Joseph Estrada when he was still president. The DOJ is still studying her request to become state witness. He said that what was good about the development was its having brought the issue back to the limelight.

But time is running out, he said. What is clear to our group is that the best chance for justice to prevail is during the Aquino administration. Prosecute auditors Meanwhile, Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr. Barzaga said it is unfair that only some senators and staff, scores of congressmen and implementing agency officials have been charged in connection with the scam. There were also findings from auditors that the same scam took place in , and , he said. He said almost the same senators and members of the House of Representatives were involved, although implementation has shifted from some national agencies and government corporations in to local government units and other state firms.

The same foundations and non-government organizations NGOs , including those linked to Napoles, are also involved, he said. He added that auditors could have stopped the use of NGOs as fund conduits and implementing entities. Barzaga suggested that Tan seek the help of the DOJ and the National Bureau of Investigation in investigating and prosecuting her own personnel to avoid perceptions of a whitewash.

But the long-awaited feed-in tariffs, or government incentives for wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass energy development, were lower than expected when the rates were released in The first installment focused on physical science, or how both climate change is indisputable as well as how human beings have made it happen. Headlines Article MRec , pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The second specified the consequences of climate change, including sea level rise and threat to global food and water supply. - Your favorite newspapers and magazines.

The year-old former chief of staff of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile arrived before dawn on Saturday on a Philippine Airlines flight from San Francisco without the knowledge of her former boss, according to her brother, Patrick Gonzales. Gonzales declined to answer questions about the possibility of Reyes turning state witness.

The Ombudsman said there was sufficient evidence to file the plunder charges—a nonbailable offense punishable by life imprisonment—against the accused in the Sandiganbayan.

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She told the Senate blue ribbon committee that she delivered millions of pesos in kickbacks to Reyes for Enrile. This is the first time that senators have been found liable for plunder in the case that has triggered widespread indignation against the pork barrel, including a massive protest in August and a subsequent ruling by the Supreme Court declaring the PDAF unconstitutional.

Jakarta, Manila rank high among 34 cities. Kearney showed. In the report, Manila was next to Jakarta on the list of 34 cities in low- and middle-income countries most likely to take the global lead in key areas from business to workforce health and security. The A. Kearney ranking said Manila was followed by Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. In its ranking of cities, A.

Analysts said the development has created the need for multiple party coalitions, which in the past have held up policy-making, the WSJ report said. If a large, clunky coalition leads the next government, it could continue to delay much-needed reforms, the WSJ said quoting analysts.

Horoscop urania 23 23 may

Economic growth in the Philippines was at 7. The growth came despite devastation caused by a deadly earthquake and by Super Typhoon Yolanda late in the year. In its survey, A. Kearney took into account a wide range of metrics in determining its rankings — including how developed infrastructure was in each city, as well as ease of doing business, income inequality and environmental stability.

Jakarta scored most highly on measures involving its population, such as income equality, while improvements in stability and security also bumped it up the table, the WSJ report said, adding that scores were determined by evaluating how cities progressed between and and extrapolating to measure the likelihood of improvement in the next two decades.

While Jakarta is known for its mind-boggling traffic, infrastructure has seen much improvement over the past five years. Its governor Joko Widodo has been credited for implementing a low-cost healthcare scheme and dramatically raising the minimum wage. The US commander of the Pacific fleet says he wouldn't yet describe China as a nation we can trust. Admiral Locklear, who has been visiting New Zealand, has responsibility for an area which covers more than half of the world, from the west coast of California to the east coast of Africa, and north to south.

China has a huge influence in the region and Admiral Locklear says its emergence as the world's second biggest economy has been good for global trade in general. But he says there are still concerns over its security responsibilities. However the Admiral was less positive when asked whether China could be trusted now. We're not there yet but we're working on it.

However, Admiral Locklear says relations with New Zealand are at a year high at the moment, and he believes a Kiwi perspective would be a welcome addition to the UN Security Council. Photo by Kim Hong-Ji, Reuters.

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  • JINDO - Divers retrieved more than a dozen bodies Sunday from the submerged South Korean ferry that capsized four days ago with hundreds of children on board, opening a grim new chapter in the search and recovery process. Three bodies -- the first to be retrieved from the ship's interior -- were pulled out just before midnight and another 10 were recovered later Sunday morning, a coastguard spokesman said. The breakthrough followed days of fruitless efforts by more than divers to access the interior of the capsized ship, while battling powerful currents and near-zero visibility. Their recovery looks set to dash the slim hopes of distraught relatives who had clung desperately to the idea that some passengers may have survived in air pockets in the upturned vessel.

    The confirmed death toll from the disaster now stands at 46 with people still unaccounted for. Of the people on board when the 6,tonne Sewol capsized and sank on Wednesday morning, more than were high school students headed for the holiday island of Jeju. Few details were provided of the 13 bodies recovered, but relatives of the missing gathered on Jindo island -- close to the disaster site -- have begun providing DNA samples to facilitate identification.

    Although officials have not ruled out the possibility of finding survivors, the emergency operation is clearly transitioning from one of rescue to recovery. Three giant floating cranes have been at the disaster site off the southern coast of South Korea for days, but the coastguard has promised it will not begin lifting the ferry until it clear there is nobody left alive.

    Divers only managed to access the ferry interior for the first time on Friday, more than 48 hours after it sank. The bereaved families camped out in a gymnasium on Jindo island have sharply criticized the pace of the rescue operation, accusing officials of incompetence and indifference.

    Manila Bulletin | The Philippine's Latest News and Current Events

    On Sunday morning, close to relatives set off on what they said was a protest march from Jindo to the presidential Blue House in Seoul some kilometers miles to the north. They were prevented from crossing a bridge from the island to the mainland by a force of several hundred police, who turned them back after some minor scuffles. Investigators have arrested the ferry's captain, Lee Joon-Seok and two of his crew -- criticized for abandoning hundreds of passengers still trapped in the ferry, as they made their own escape.

    Lee was charged with negligence and failing to secure the safety of passengers in violation of maritime law. All three were paraded before TV cameras at their arraignment, dressed in dark raincoats with their hoods pulled up and their heads bowed. Questioned as to why passengers had been ordered not to move for more than 40 minutes after the ship first foundered, Lee insisted he had acted in their best interest.